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Meet Arux, one platform for your after school programs

Updated: Mar 26

It’s an exciting time for our team and the after school industry as the next wave of program management software has arrived. 

We’d love to introduce ourselves. We’re Arux, one platform for your out-of-school-time programs. 

What is Arux?

Arux is cloud-based software that modernizes how after school programs work. Our product and team specialize in helping school districts run an efficient child care program, build unique youth and adult enrichment and preschool programs, and manage facilities across the district.

As one platform for your programs, we’ve built Arux to solve modern after school industry issues. This means:

  • Empowering your teams with technology they love to perform daily tasks

  • Building programs that fit your community’s needs

  • Leveraging reporting to develop informed strategies

  • Creating customer loyalty across your community

  • Saving time and increasing revenue with an integrated platform

But Arux is more than a software. It’s a team of engineers, designers, project managers, customer success specialists, salespeople, and marketers passionate about understanding the unique needs of district-led after school and community education programs.

Who is Arux?

People-first, leading by example, dependable, and creative. In 1996, my (Steve’s) mom signed me up for my first community education class in South Washington County Community Education: Rocket Building. Through various community ed courses and as members of the Rainbow Kid’s Klub, we (Steve and Stephen) became familiar with this world. 

Seven years later, we met again as summer interns for, you guessed it, South Washington County Schools Community Education, creating digital solutions for various projects around the district. This is when we began recognizing an industry with many unique problems needing more solutions. 

For the last two decades, we’ve worked closely with the nation’s top districts, building functionality within one platform to solve the challenges of today’s modern age of child care, community education, preschool, and facilities management. 

Arux’s server set-up station and code repository at our first office in Woodbury Minnesota in 2008.
Arux’s server set-up station and code repository at our first office in Woodbury, Minnesota, in 2008.

But our most significant accomplishment over these past 20 years has been building a team. We’ve added marketing, customer success, sales, design, technical writing, and engineering to help us continue to enhance our products and scale nationally. As a result of these efforts, we’ve written technology that’s grown from a few districts in Minnesota back in the early 2000s to almost 250 districts across 28 states.

We’re a team that’s curious and passionate about the industry we grew up in. We’re individuals dedicated to creating an innovative solution for you while keeping the industry’s best interest in mind. 

Arux’s first booth at the Minnesota Community Education Association Conference in 2010.
Arux’s first booth at the Minnesota Community Education Association Conference in 2010.

Where we are today.

After years of writing and building the industry’s leading software platform, we realized, as an organization, that it was time to integrate vertically. It was time to make a new product, create the best experience around that product, and bring it to market ourselves. It was time to launch Arux. 

What does this mean for the future of after school?

To the after school industry — we’re excited that Arux has arrived, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve built. Arux’s arrival means we all get to be part of something special. Something leading-edge, but more importantly, a relatable and attainable software platform for your team.

As we take a giant leap forward, know that we do well when you do well. We’re adding features driven by solutions, not by revenue. Ultimately, we aim to help more programs and districts nationwide make their offerings accessible to their communities. There are still problems to solve, so our mission remains. 

We owe it to the industry and community to keep going. As we continue building a modern technology stack for after school, we do so with a focus on customer acquisition and product enhancements.  

And to our team — we’re still building, learning, and growing — now at an even more accelerated rate. We’re committed to understanding what programs need and building as inclusive software as possible. 

Steve and Stephen sharing their resilient love for the Timberwolves in 2012
Stephen and Steve sharing their resilient love for the Timberwolves in 2012

This has been an incredible 20+ years, and the best is yet to come. So join us. There’s work to do.

Steve Novotny

Stephen Heuer

Co-Founders, Arux



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