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Our Story

In 1996, Steve's mom signed him up for his first community education class in South Washington County Community Education: Rocket Building. Through various community education courses and as members of the Rainbow Kids Klub, Steve and Stephen became familiar with the world of after school programming.

Seven years later, Steve and Stephen teamed up as summer interns for South Washington County Community Schools Community Education, creating digital solutions for various projects around the district including digital registrations for their after school programs. Here, they began to recognize an industry with many unique problems but without many solutions.

For the last two decades, they've worked closely with the nation’s top districts, building out functionality to solve the challenges of today’s modern age of child care, community education, preschool programming, and facilities management.

But their most significant accomplishment over these past 20 years has been building out the Arux team. Arux is a team of marketers, salespeople, customer success specialists, designers, technical writers, and engineers to help continue to enhance the products and scale nationally. As a result of these efforts, Arux technology has grown from a few districts in Minnesota in the early 2000s to almost 250 districts across 28 states.

Our mission is to build software that eliminates barriers for after school, community education, and preschool programs, enabling programming to reach families and community members.

Meet the Team

Anders at Arux
James at Arux
Brooks at Arux
Chris W. at Arux
Rachelle at Arux
Bob Dylan Mural in Minneapolis

Our Founders


Steven Novotny


Steven invests his time building the organization and making sure Arux technology is accessible to as many programs nationwide as possible.

Stephen Co-Founder at Arux Software

Stephen Heuer


Stephen ensures that all programs ran on Arux technology have the best user experience available in the industry.

Our Values

Arux color orange

Put people first

We approach people with empathy and understanding, celebrating the uniqueness of our teammates and customers.

Arux color light blue

Lead by example

We work to set the course and the standard. We embrace this responsibility through continuous innovation—striving daily to improve as people and a product.

Arux color green

Be dependable

We mean what we say and back it up with action, holding ourselves accountable to each other and the organizations that rely on us.

Arux color yellow

Keep it creative

We channel our inner creativity to develop solutions for our customers. And we have a lot of fun doing it.


Passionate about making after school programming more accessible?

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