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The latest solution for before

& after school programs

Arux Child Care builds unique extended day child care programs at a district-wide level. All facets can be configured during the creation of these programs — invoicing, schedules, registration requirements, discounts, and much more.

Arux Child Care

Your before and after school care team's platform for success

Program build

Arux puts staff in full control of creating and configuring your program based on the needs of your district and community. Multiple sites, seasons, and schedule types, rate configuration, customized enrollment questions, question templates, drop-in and non-school days — any unique aspect of your child care program is considered during setup.

Upcoming Schedule Changes for After School Child Care Program
After School Child Care Program Schedule Types List Within Arux
Arux Public Side Dashboard

Registration and family experience

Through your district's Arux Community Portal, users can manage their entire family from one place — including enrollments, schedules, relationships, and payments. Arux securely stores important financial information, tax statements, and invoice history. 

Additional functionality exists empowering split-families with privacy, security, and comfort, including Quick Pay, the ability to make payments on accounts without needing full account access.

Operations management

Streamline how your team performs daily operations, such as accepting contracts, managing waitlists and site capacities, navigating schedule changes, and collecting past-due balances. Arux automates the most important communications for your families, like confirmation and approval emails and surveys, while allowing you to quickly create lists and deliver ad-hoc text message communications during times of crisis.

Arux Administrative Dashboard
Transaction List for After School Child Care Program Within Arux

Invoicing and billing

Arux Child Care starts with the ability to create custom rate types and invoicing schedules. Admin teams are empowered to manage chargeback, reconciliation, and account credit distribution when things don't go as planned. Our Admin Dashboard makes timely situations like past-due accounts front and center. Use Arux to apply scholarships and discounts (including health care initiatives) to appropriate community members.

Data and reporting

Whether you need data to manage daily operations, meet state reporting requirements, or fuel growth strategies, Arux provides quick access to the information you need. Arux is built with system reports for you and your teams, and has a robust data management engine to help you filter, sort, and export any set of information you need to see.

Reports List Within Arux

Arux Connect: Child Care

Arux Connect: Child Care for iOS allows each child care site to manage student sign-in/sign-out and attendance tracking and provides staff with quick access to important student information, including authorized pick-ups and emergency contact details.

Real-time numbers on your program

Regardless of the number of sites, staff, or children in your program, the app provides staff with a complete view of all program attendance information at any time.

Collect sign-in/sign-out signatures

A secure and seamless sign-in/sign-out experience for both staff and families.

Status and location tags

Access real-time updates on the children in your program.

Seamless data integration

When you input data into Arux Connect: Child Care, the app will do the rest.

Before and After School Child Care Program Activity

A software your team + community will love

We're looking for forward-thinking program leaders to join us on this journey.

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