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Operate efficient preschool programming

Arux Preschool gives administrative teams all the tools necessary to manage tuition-based preschool programming.

Arux Preschool

An engine for district-run preschool programs

Teams can build out site-based preschool programs across your organization with the ability to configure the registration processes, including building custom question templates.

Program structure

Preschool Activities and Toys

Use Arux to approve contracts and appropriately view and place students into the right program based on age, geography, day-of-week preferences, and more.

Daily preschool operations

Arux Operations Management Interface

Families sign up for preschool from any device and can easily track enrollment information within their account. Throughout the year, families can manage invoicing, billing information, approved pickup person details, and other important child information. Families can also request withdrawals if programming allows.

Integrated enrollments

Arux Integrated Enrollments for Preschool

Staff can assign necessary registration fees based on program requirements. Arux manages recurring billing and offers scholarships and discounts to provide multiple pricing options to your community. Families can enroll in autopay to streamline payment processing. Districts can also require autopay for preschool enrollment.

Invoicing and billing

Arux Invoicing and Billing Illustration

Arux organizes all the information you collect during enrollment, attendance, and billing to help you build the reporting required to meet operational expectations and state mandates.


Arux Reporting Illustration

Arux Connect: Child Care

Arux Connect: Child Care for iOS allows each child care site to manage student sign-in/sign-out and attendance tracking and provides staff with quick access to important student information, including authorized pick-ups and emergency contact details.

Real-time numbers on your program

Regardless of the number of sites, staff, or children in your program, the app provides staff with a complete view of all program attendance information at any time.

Collect sign-in/sign-out signatures

A secure and seamless sign-in/sign-out experience for both staff and families.

Status and location tags

Access real-time updates on the children in your program.

Seamless data integration

When you input data into Arux Connect: Child Care, the app will do the rest.

Preschool Classroom

A preschool program management system to support your growth

Discover how Arux can help you reach more of your community.

Discover our after school industry solutions

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