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Cart Assist: hop in and help out your customer’s shopping experience

Updated: Mar 26

Sometimes, your users need some help signing up for your enrichment programs. And sometimes, an email or phone call isn’t enough. That is why we created Cart Assist — when you need to go above and beyond to lend a helping hand to assist a user in completing their transaction.

Arux Cart Assist empowers Admins with enhanced control over their users' shopping experience. You can seamlessly assume command of a user's shopping cart directly from the Admin Portal.

Completing the checkout process. Or kick it back to them.

Cart Assist gives you access and authority to make changes and adjustments for your customer: adding or removing course registrations, applying discounts, and more. You can even enroll users in courses not currently available on the Community Portal.

Once an Admin updates a cart to meet the customer's needs, you can checkout on behalf of the user or return the cart to the user, allowing them to conveniently checkout on their own.

Arux's Cart Assist Feature

Learn more about Cart Assist

Arux customers can learn more about this feature in the Arux Self-Service Library.

If you want a demo of this specific feature or Arux, please schedule a demo.



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