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File Upload: modernize how your team organizes documents

Updated: Mar 26

Collecting, storing, and managing files digitally has become essential in today's world. And while, as an after school industry, we do our best to minimize the number of files and documents we need to maintain, it is hard to imagine a future without them. 

To help after school programs take an innovative yet simple approach to managing documents, we created File Upload. This feature enables you to upload and maintain various file types, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, and photos taken by cell phone, as well as Microsoft Office file types like .doc and .xls.

Whether you need to collect immunization records, pictures, insurance, or other relevant documents, Arux provides a simple way to upload and manage files.

Collect files throughout the customer journey

File Upload in Arux allows you to accept and manage files internally from your staff and externally from your users, community members, and organizations. Users can upload files in several locations across the Admin and Community Portal.

Admins can use File Upload to attach files to Notes on the Admin Portal. View Pages on the Admin Portal allow you to add notes that can include files, giving you quick access to important information and documents.

You can also add a Question or Question Template to your Child Care Sites, Courses ECFE Sections, and Facilities that can prompt your users to upload a file during the registration or request process.

Arux's File Upload Feature

Finally, you can ask to collect files in response to your surveys and evaluations.

Once uploaded, files can be downloaded by Admins with appropriate permissions or deleted if the file is no longer required.

Learn more about File Upload

Arux customers can learn more about this feature in the Arux Self-Service Library.

If you want a demo of this specific feature or Arux, please schedule a demo.



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