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Debunking myths in part-time staffing for after school care programs

Updated: Apr 10

The following content is provided by Radar Talent Solutions as part of a recurring content series. Radar Talent Solutions is focused on supporting school districts or local governments with high-volume hiring strategies.

Explore the misconceptions around part-time staffing for after school programs, from the value of experience to commitment and impact, and discover how dedicated individuals can bring enthusiasm and positive contributions to your after school care team. 

1. Experience is everything in a candidate

Don't solely prioritize experience. Candidates with a passion for child development and a willingness to learn can bring fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to after-school programs.

2. Part-time means less commitment

Part-time staff can be just as dedicated. Assess their availability, communication skills, and commitment to ensure a strong, reliable addition to your after-school care team. 

3. Limited impact in part-time roles

Part-time staff can make a significant impact. Look for candidates who align with your program's values and demonstrate a genuine interest in contributing positively to children's lives.

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Adam Rosen, CEO and Founder of Radar Talent Solutions, is a seasoned recruitment strategist with a stellar track record in creating, scaling, and optimizing business programs. With notable success at Amazon, where he played a key role in recruiting over 100K+ drivers for Last Mile Expansion during the pandemic, Adam excels in navigating the delicate balance between human interaction and technological scale. His latest venture, Radar Talent Solutions, addresses school staffing challenges and has currently positively impacted over 4500+ Minnesota students. As he eyes national expansion, Adam's success lies in embracing the synergy between human interaction and technology.

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