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Cleburne Independent School District + Arux

Updated: Mar 26


  • A growing program needing a scalable solution

  • A team of one requiring ways to streamline day-to-day operations

  • A modern software solution that has helped, in part, eliminate 100+ phone calls multiple times a month

  • A district and Customer Success team dedicated to program growth


Program introduction

Cleburne Independent School District (CISD) is a public school district based in Cleburne, TX, just over 30 miles south of Fort Worth. CISD provides an after school program (CARE) available to all families within the district. The CARE program has eight locations/sites and around 150 students.

Over the last few years, Cleburne ISD and CARE Coordinator Sally Nolen realized the program’s steady growth was putting strain on operations and her.

That’s when CISD met Arux.

Cleburne I.S.D.


Nolen had been recognizing that the CARE program needed a software solution for a couple of years. The program had been growing to a point where managing processes by hand was becoming unwieldy. This was a good problem, but it meant change was needed to handle day-to-day operations. Taking registrations, collecting payments, and communicating with parents had become a lot for the team of one.

“For payments, we took everything over the phone, then ran each payment. For 150 attendees or above, that is a lot for one person, especially when that’s not their sole job.”


“It’s like I have a whole new job.”

This summer, Nolen reached out to Arux, looking to modernize the CARE program’s operations. After some demonstrations and a fall of implementation and training, the CARE program’s offerings have been live on Arux for a month. To Nolen, “The switch has been amazing.”

Arux has moved all of Cleburne ISD’s CARE program operations online, including payment processing. Gone are the days of running cards over the phone. Now, parents can manage everything online.

“It’s different when you can see your payments, your attendance, and all the information for your account. We have a high level of integrity as a district, and this adds to that.”

Regarding parent communication, Arux has helped streamline everything to a point where Nolen no longer receives around 100+ phone calls monthly about registration, payments, or other program information, which frees up so much workload. Additionally, Nolen appreciates the ease of managing, viewing, and editing attendance in Arux. 

“It’s so easy to correct and view attendance. The system is very intuitive. There is more than one way to accomplish a task, and I can get to many things in multiple ways. That has made it a lot easier to learn.”

Working with Nolen to learn Arux has been the Customer Success team, who have not only taught Nolen the system but have also put her in a position to train others on her team in a short amount of time. 

“I feel like I have learned a lot about the software in a short period of time because of their training. I’ve been working with my successor, and she is impressed with what I can already do in the system in a short amount of time.”

Going forward

Cleburne is moving forward with adding its driver’s ed program into Arux and is discussing moving other areas of its programming into Arux. Nolen, who is retiring at the end of 2023, only wishes she had made this switch sooner. 

“It’s been phenomenal. Night and day difference. My position had grown to a point where it was much more than I could do, and this (Arux) has made everything so much better. My successor has BIG plans to grow the program now that it is more manageable.”


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