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Arux has established a certified API with KinderSystems' KinderConnect Attendance Tracking Platform

Updated: 4 days ago

Arux is now certified to integrate via API with KinderSystems, a student information system (SIS) that provides flexible and secure child care subsidy solutions for states. Specifically, Arux completed the certification process to connect through KinderBridge v3.5 into several states, including Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, New York, and Arizona.

Trends in state subsidy increases and data organization

The after school industry is seeing increased child care subsidies within certain states for providers and an overall federal push for states to increase payments to child care providers. Some recent programs receiving increased funding from the state include:

The rise in these programs and the increases in state spending on child care subsidies show that this is an increasing market economy for providers. 

However, with increased spending comes the need for more organization and efficiency in managing and reporting student data. In response, states are implementing systems to centralize their reporting. These systems are being mandated from small, home-run daycares to more enterprise, larger-scale district before and after care operations.

Many states are moving toward requiring a solution, like KinderSystems, to manage their attendance information. With this latest integration between Arux and KinderSystems, organizations can ensure they’re unlocking the full amount of subsidies available and know they have a true enterprise solution to meet state-mandated needs. 

Send data directly to states for subsidy reporting

With this latest integration, districts and providers using Arux to manage their before- and after-school child programs can send data directly to the state for reporting requirements, including child name, date, in-time, and out-time. No additional reporting or workflows are needed, creating efficiencies across your organization. 

Collect data through Arux Connect: Child Care

When using Arux to manage before and after school programming, districts leverage the Arux Connect: Child Care app for iOS to record a variety of student information in real time, including:

  • E-signatures

  • Attendance tracking (in-time and out-time)

  • Child profiles

  • Emergency contacts

  • Daily child updates

  • Location details 

Arux automatically syncs this information with the Admin Portal in real time. The Dashboard provides a general overview of your sites for the day.

Streamline your reporting processes

Whether you need data to manage daily operations, meet state or county reporting requirements, or fuel growth strategies, Arux provides quick access to the information you need.

If you feel like your team is tied down by any reporting processes, we would love to help you out. Schedule a 15-minute chat to learn more about how Arux streamlines attendance tracking and reporting, which can help unlock new opportunities. 



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