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New: Staff Check In/Out for Arux Connect: Child Care iOS app

Updated: Jun 3

Develop informed staffing plans for your programs and simplify timesheet processes for your team.

Staffing before and after care programs sufficiently remains a top challenge for after school program providers. However, programs are succeeding in efficiently staffing their operations by regularly adjusting staffing levels to account for various changes, like student population, which limits the impact of over-enrolled or under-enrolled programs. Effectively adjusting staffing levels requires accurately forecasting staff-to-child ratios, i.e., how many staff you’ll have, how many students you’ll have, when, and where. 

Arux has introduced Staff Check In/Out to the Arux Connect: Child Care iOS app to assist directors in accurately predicting their staffing requirements. 

For site staff

Within Arux Connect: Child Care site staff can quickly sign in and out within the app, providing real-time staff-level data. 

Staff Check in on Arux's Arux Connect: Child Care iOS app

For administrative directors

Teams can then use timesheet information to forecast the site’s staff needs to ensure proper staff-to-child ratios, helping to maintain safety compliance and accountability across your entire child care operation. With Staff Check-In and Arux’s advanced reporting features, district teams can develop data-driven staffing plans to meet their organization's personnel needs. 

Learn more about Staff Check In/Out

Arux customers can learn more about these updates in the Arux Self-Service Library.

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