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The power of integrated payment processing

Updated: Mar 26

When payment processing is integrated into an after school program software platform, district financial teams streamline operations and increase transparency across all programming.

Integrated payment processing creates flexibility for districts and families and empowers finance teams to run fast, thorough, and accurate financial reports by connecting payments to registrations, attendance, and accounts.

Here's how integrated payment processing creates visibility and support — from parent registration to deposit into your bank account:

Immediate application Program payments are applied to your account accurately and immediately — no exporting attendance or importing payments received from another system. With immediate payment applications, districts and families have more insight and control over their accounts.

Accurate billing

When rates and invoicing are integrated with registrations and attendance, billing is timely and accurate. Invoicing is simplified, and collecting auxiliary fees for registrations, late payments, and late pickups is easier. Programs are empowered to manage scholarships, discounts, refunds, and credits at scale.

Succinct financial reporting

Everything is in one place. Financial teams have a more accurate representation of the district's financial ledger.

Seamless family experience

A more seamless user experience for your families is created with a one-stop shop for them to view, register for, and pay for your programs.

Let's talk!

We would love to discuss how integrated payment processing with your after school program management software, flexible payment options, and robust financial reporting can help your finance team in many ways. To learn more about Arux, please visit



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