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Arux adds Child Care Activity Feed to the Admin Portal

Arux has added a redesigned child care activity feed to the Admin Portal, which provides an intuitive view of each child’s daily activities. This new feature helps ensure seamless communication across your child care operations. 

The activity feed displays scheduled attendance and absence dates and includes all updates recorded from Arux Connect: Child Care, including sign-in and sign-out activity signatures. The activity feed mirrors the intuitive design of Arux Connect: Child Care to provide a consistent experience for your teams. 

The new feed provides staff with a complete snapshot of sign-ins/outs, status updates, locations, and notes and includes activity for the previous 30 days. Additionally, the activity feed gives you the flexibility to view previous and future months. This can be done with the Month drop-down or by clicking the Arrow icons next to the month, and buttons are provided that allow you to edit attendances or absences easily.

Arux Activity Feed within the Admin Portal

Learn more about the Child Care Activity Feed

Arux customers can learn more about these updates in the Arux Self-Service Library.

If you want to see this specific feature or Arux live, please schedule a demo.



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